Here are the other videos I did about David Lynch and/or Twin Peaks.

The David Lynch Leitmotives - 1 - Cosmos

The First of a serie of videos, yet to be done! (maybe at the end of Season 3)


Twin Peaks All Teasers - Dark Mood Woods

I did this video just before the 21st of May, and was so thrilled to ear "Dark Mood Woods" in Part 2!

I also used Sarah Palmer yelling "Laura?" on the face of Cooper at 1'35, and I think we can ear the same sound in Part 3 in Naido's world... Creepy!


"Time to wake up" The Sounds as Clues from Reality in Mulholland Drive  


 The Chapters of Twin Peaks

 A sum-up of the "parts" in Season 1 & 2 + Fire Walk With Me, based on the article by Robert J. Peterson, in which he splits Twin Peaks in four chapters (7 episodes each). Thanks to him !

It is also a study of the chronology in Fire walk with me and Season 1 & 2. 


 Deleuze about "Naturalism" & Twin Peaks (for the Frenchies)