The Norma Jennings Story  

The entirety of Norma Jennings scenes from the show, FWWM and The Missing Pieces, edited into one film.

Plot : Norma Jennings (née Lindstrom) owns the Double R Diner, in Twin Peaks, Washington. Since 1969, when she was a high school student, she is in love with Ed Hurley.  But the spring after graduation, she cheated on him with Hank Jennings one weekend, so Ed decided to marry Nadine Butler while in a partially inebriated state. Norma quickly married Hank. Since then, Ed and Norma wonder what there lifes could have been… In August of 1987, Norma begins a Meals on Wheels service at the Double R Diner with the help of high school student Laura Palmer. On the morning of February 24, 1989, Laura is found murdered, deeply affecting the town.

 These videos are made in a purpose of experiment/study, based on the masterpiece Twin Peaks, created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Please watch and buy the original show by David Lynch and Mark Frost first, before my little experiment!