This blog presents various edits of the show Twin Peaks.

The purpose of those edits is to study the art of writing, directing and editing behind Twin Peaks.

I am a student in cinema (and I am French, so sorry for the spelling mistakes).

By doing those videos, I dive into my obsession for Twin Peaks, trying to unravel the artcraft of this masterpiece. My idea is not, in anyway, to pirate the show and illegally spread it on the web. Those edits are not the show. They are studies.

Please, watch the original show of Twin Peaks before those edits. My edits may interest the obsessed fans of Twin Peaks only, film-lovers or film-students who would like to investigate the various facets of that masterpiece.

I will not do any publicity for that blog. You may have discover it because we know each other, in private, and if I have given you the adress. The videos are on a private mode so that they don't appear on Vimeo.

I hope that I don't do any harm to the owners of the rights of Twin Peaks and to the creators of that beautiful show. And I hope you'll enjoy those edits, as they were meant to be done, as studies.