The Margaret Lanterman Story  

The entirety of Margaret Lanterman scenes from the show, FWWM and The Missing Pieces, edited into one film.

Plot : Margaret Lanterman (née Coulson), better known as the Log Lady, is known as such for carrying a cut log with her. To most residents in the town of Twin Peaks, she is perceived solely as mentally ill as she often speaks in nonsequiturs. However, aside from her confusing speech patterns, she is a shaman who is able to interact with the spiritual world through the log that accurately describes multiple events. On February 23, 1989, a student of Twin Peaks, Laura Palmer, dies. A few days later, Agent Dale Cooper, Sheriff Harry S. Truman, Deputy Hawk and Doc Haywards come to visit Margaret as her log has a message for them, concerning the murder of Laura Palmer. 

 These videos are made in a purpose of experiment/study, based on the masterpiece Twin Peaks, created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Please watch and buy the original show by David Lynch and Mark Frost first, before my little experiment!